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For more than 20 plus years, the Columbus County Community Farmers Market has brought farmer and artisans together with loyal patrons every week from May to December for some of the finest and freshest locally grown produce, handmade, crafts, sweet and savory treats, local honey, eggs, herbs, plants and much more.  Patrons gather to wander around the all the booths, fill their hands with bags of the best local foods money can buy, all while chatting with friends and farmers.   For many people, one of the highlights of shopping at the local farmers market is the opportunity to buy directly.  You can talk to the farmers to learn what poisons or fertilizers may have been used on the produce.   Keep in mind that locally grown farm produce is affected by many factors including climate, adverse weather and pests.  Some vendors may only come one time a month, while others have an annual booth to sell every Saturday.   


Seniors Program

The Columbus County Farmers Market participates in a program with the Columbus County Department of Aging Nutrition Program, which helps senior adults get locally grown fresh fruits, and vegetables.  



Eat &Explore Cookbook Features Columbus County Farmers Market.  The Columbus County Farmers Market is pleased to be the only farmers market featured in our state’s edition to the Eat &Explore cookbook series, Eat & Explore North Carolina.   You will find this cookbook that has over 200 recipes for $15.00 at the market every weekend.  Author Christy Campbell compiled the North Carolina edition as a part of the Eat & Explore State Cookbook series which will eventually cover the entire United States.  In addition to North Carolina, the series currently includes Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Virginia.  Campbell works closely with state tourism agencies, state and local organizations, and local chambers of commerce to produce “Eat & Explore” cookbooks and travel guides that give the reader a fun and unique way to explore food, culture, events, festivals, and exciting destinations throughout each state. ​

Butterfly Trail

We are also part of the Butterfly Trail in Whiteville NC.  We are right across the road from the Fitness Park.  Come on by and check it out.   

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